© BisCookie 2012 BisCookie is an Entrepreneurial Business; it’s  David’s opportunity for ownership and autonomy.  He is a young man with severe Autism, and with  very limited language. However David is attuned  spiritually, and is a naturally talented artist who  believes in and deservers the American Dream.  BisCookie is not just a uniquely Marketed bakery  product with one of David’s art-post-cards inside,  and it’s not just something wonderful to eat; it’s  more then that. BisCookie awakens the palette  with more then delicious intense flavors. It  awakens the mind with an idea and a movement,  and a force that’s taking place. It’s a grass root  supported effort from the community, for those  with Developmental Disabilities.  David is a Pioneer for the People, a voice for those who have no voice. He is a seed, an Inspiration to succeed, to spur a vision globally. David is a slogan that says; “sky’s the limit” for all of humanity. Buy BLUE and support those with Developmental Disabilities. “We ask why when we should ask why not?”           “Sky’s The Limit” Next Gallery: L.A. ART WALK on August 9th, 2012 6p.m. - 10p.m. 334 S. Main St. Suite 1016 Los Angeles, CA 90013 Sponsored by:  HANGMAN®